Video Creative
Internship Work
Filmed, edited, and color graded behind the scenes footage.
Filmed, edited, and delivered casting video to producer.
Shadowed director, producer, and aided camera PA's on large scale production that was photographed and filmed over the course of five days.
Staff: Jillian Cornette (Producer), RG Lacandola (Director)
Aided producer with staff and operations control to procure all shots as-needed.
Served as PA for entire day of shoot.
Assisted 1st AC with B-roll using Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.
Shadowed director and DP with shot framing and lighting.
Worked with in-house post-production and shadowed their NLE process.
Staff: Jillian Cornette (Producer), RG Lacandola (Director), Seth Hunt (1st AC)
Worked with producer on maintaining production calendar for photo shoots and commercial sessions, reviewing bids/treatments, and communicating with vendors to set-up VO and color sessions.
Sat in and aided producers and associate creative directors with VO and color sessions at Sonic Union (NYC) and The Mill (NYC).
Submitted completion reports for multiple Denny's :15's and worked with business office manager to review releases.
Staff: Charlotte Stirrup (SVP, Executive Producer)
School Work
Summary: Life is all about choices. Aim was for no dialogue or VO for the commercial.
Storyboarded, directed, filmed, edited, and color corrected commercial for Purell Hand Cleaner.
NLE: Premiere Pro, Color Correction: DaVinci Resolve​​​​​​​
The Germaphobes: Emily Mascher (ST), Elyse Jolley (ST)​​​​​​​
Summary: Introduce a new blockbuster character for Marvel.
Directed, filmed, and edited character manifesto that provides context for our superhero GRAVITOR.
NLE: Premiere Pro
The Superheroes: Cody Colvin (CBM), Brianne Johnson (ST), Jeremy Stokes (XD), Jenna Anderson (AD), Kelley Barrett (CW)