• Co-produced Pixel 6a OLV & Broadcast video assets for global use (utilized by over 15+ countries for launch). Worked alongside internal stakeholders/creative and partnered with external vendors to film, edit, and create VFX.
• Produced December Feature Drops longform for Pixel 6 featured on YouTube. 300k views in 3 days. 
Men's Wearhouse
• Served as PA and shadowed director and producer on broadcast and social commercial production executions.
• Filmed, edited, and delivered casting to producer.
Filmed, edited, and color graded behind the scenes footage.

Staff: Jillian Cornette (Producer), RG Lacandola (Director), Seth Hunt (1st AC)

Staff: Jillian Cornette (Producer), RG Lacandola (Director)

Staff: Jillian Cornette (Producer), RG Lacandola (Director)

• Worked with producer on maintaining production calendar for photo shoots and commercial sessions, reviewing bids/treatments, and communicating with vendors to set-up VO and color sessions.
• Sat in and aided producers and associate creative directors with VO and color sessions at Sonic Union (NYC) and The Mill (NYC).
• Submitted completion reports for multiple :15's and worked with business office manager to review releases.

Staff: Charlotte Stirrup (SVP, Executive Producer)

Summary: Produced a 30-second commercial with the aim for no dialogue or VO.
• Storyboarded, directed, filmed, edited, and color corrected commercial.
• NLE: Premiere Pro, Color Correction: DaVinci Resolve

The Germaphobes: Emily Mascher (ST), Elyse Jolley (ST)​​​​​​​

Summary: Produced a Twitch live stream on the changing gamer landscape through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons and pop culture.
• Storyboarded, directed, filmed, edited, and color corrected 12-minute talk show using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and the Blackmagic ATEM production switcher.
• NLE: Premiere Pro

The Other Geek: Severin Didriksen (ST)

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